If you love motorcycles that are guaranteed to be older than you are be sure to catch the Century Parade on Saturday during AHRMA's Lunch Break.
These bikes do not collect dust in the garage;
they are the part of history that runs.
Be in the paddock to see & hear the machines that started it all.  To qualify for this event the motorcycle must be at least 100 years old...or older!

Look for a 1913 Harley Twin, a 1912 Indian Twin, a 1911 Indian Single,
a 1913 Dixie Flyer Special, a 1911 Triumph Single, a 1909 Excelsior Single,a 1912 Indian Board-Tracker, a 1906 Griffon V Twin, a 1912 Abbington King Dick,a 1911 Levis 220cc, a 1911 Harley, a 1911 Peugeot and a 1912 Flanders 4 plus others.
If you are interested in entering the parade, CLICK HERE

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